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Everyone has a checklist while choosing a limo service in Pound Ridge. Most clients will prioritize safety, comfort, convenience and luxury. Many clients will equally prioritize personalization. While budgetary preference is a subjective matter and the scope of reasonability varies from one client to another, no one likes to pay an exorbitant fare when a more affordable option is available, unless there are some serious compromises. Harrison Car Service has always endeavored to maintain a fine balance between reasonability and luxury, safety and personalization, comfort and convenience among other necessities. 

It is not always easy to personalize limo service in Pound Ridge while ensuring reasonability. Some preferences may indeed be costly and clients are aware of such a reality. Not every route is convenient but some are more comfortable than others. Not all limousines have the same safety features but a ride can always be impeccably safe if the chauffeur practices defensive driving. Luxury is a quintessential criterion for any limo service in Pound Ridge but the spectrum is vast and there are many variances. We at Harrison Car Service offer a plethora of options so you can choose precisely what would suit your journey. 

Our Lincoln MKT is perfect for weddings, corporate outings and night-outs but only for up to four people. The simple but flexible, comfortable and spaciously luxurious sedan is definitely a treat. Chevrolet Suburban is an extended length SUV for groups of up to seven people with or without luggage. The elegant luxury vehicle has sufficient storage space and awesome leg room. It is fitting for pleasure and business. If you have a larger group, then you may consider the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit Van. There is a Sprinter with private jet interiors. We have Mini Coaches and Limo Buses. You can easily accommodate as few as two dozen or as many as four dozen passengers in one such mini coach or limo bus, all the while ensuring every desirable amenity onboard. Luxury is not an option or an additional consideration when you choose our limo service in Pound Ridge. 

Comfort, convenience and luxury are not limited to the limousines you may choose. The entire process needs to be simple and reliable enough for your experience to be memorable. We have made everything from initial queries to real time correspondences, steadfast reservations to live tracking & status updates easy and reliable to ensure you have a satiating time with us from the outset.

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