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There are plenty of differences between car rentals and limo service in Shelton and there should be. When anyone hires a limo service in Fairfield County, the expectations are not confined to timely arrival and departure, a convenient journey and the most inexpensive fare. While it is desirable to save money and punctuality is integral, a Shelton limo service has to be an exquisite experience. It will not be assessed on the basis of the same parameters as you would judge your experience while hiring a hatchback, compact sedan or even a midrange sport utility vehicle. 

Harrison Car Service specializes in the finer elements that segregate or should differentiate Shelton limo service from ordinary car rentals. We distinguish our limo service in Fairfield County in five distinct ways. Our fleet of limousines is the first major factor. While many limo rental companies will have a few options, we have a diverse fleet catering to every need. From couples to large groups of several dozen guests, our limos can accommodate an entourage of any size. Our fleet is state of the art and we are diligently proactive with the upkeep of every limo. This is not something you can be assured of with every other limo service in Shelton. 

The second noteworthy strength of Harrison is the team of chauffeurs. Not only do we have deft chauffeurs who have an excellent track record but they actually are trained and experienced in defensive driving. Our third strength is the concierge team. We do not outsource customer service, we do not automate the entire reservation process and we do not have a generic approach. Many rides need to be personalized and not every client is completely familiar with the various routes, possible stopovers and other fundamental aspects of a commute. Our concierge team offers prompt guidance to plan a perfect trip. 

The fourth major factor that segregates our Shelton limo service from other operators is the cost. Limousines do not have to cost a small fortune for a few hours. We can plan hourly trips or we can cater to long road trips, spanning several days. The fifth differentiating factor is our hospitality. Whether it is the professionalism and courteousness of our chauffeurs or the extensive diligence and attentiveness of our concierge team, the hospitality will more than satiate you and it alone can make your ride truly special. Give us a call and reserve the finest limo service in Shelton, Fairfield County. 

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