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Tips for a Successful Winery Tour

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Touring wineries is an informative, exciting, and unique experience. Most wineries are a little out of the way, but they are worth the trip because you get to enjoy the beautiful countryside and breathe in some fresh air as you enjoy your delicious wine. While planning a winery tour may seem daunting, especially for a first-timer, this list offers you the essentials for planning a successful tour.

Choose a Small Winery

Contrary to popular belief, a larger winery doesn’t automatically translate into a better experience. In fact, it is larger wineries that are more likely to be busy and congested. This means that tour guides will not be in a position to give you the intimate and personal tour you would receive in a smaller winery. So if you really want to make your winery tour authentic and personalized, go for a smaller boutique winery.

Get There Early

Again, this is about getting a personalized tour. If you don’t get an early start on your tour, you will lose precious time that you would have used soaking in the sites and sceneries. But worse even, there will also be a lot of people around, all demanding the attention of the tour guides and winemakers. As a result, you will not get the one-on- one attention that would have made your tour epic. So be the early bird.

Dress Appropriately

This is a tour, so there will be a lot more movement that you are normally used to. Pick out your most comfortable shoes, and since it is likely that you will be walking through wet grass depending on the location of the winery and how early you arrive, you may want to pick out closed shoes.

When it comes to actual clothing, it is also likely that you’ll be outdoors for a good amount of time, so pick out dark colors that don’t easily pick up dirt. Also, remember not to put on any perfume because it makes it very difficult to sense the aroma in the wines you’ll be sampling.

Additionally, as a courtesy, ladies should skip on the lipstick. Lipstick is a nightmare to get off the glass, and it would be really thoughtful to consider the winery workers who will be doing the cleaning later.

Ask Questions

Remember: there is no such thing as a stupid question. Every once in a while there will be a wine connoisseur in the vicinity but in all likelihood, everyone who will be taking the tour with you will be just as clueless, so don’t be shy. In fact, your boldness may just inspire someone else to ask questions. In turn, they’ll have a wonderful and fulfilling tour, all thanks to you.


Bring an Empty Wine Bottle Box

You can grab one from your local wine store or quickly purchase a one before you head out. If you are indeed a wine lover, trust me, you will purchase a few wine bottles at the end of your tour and you don’t want them rattling in your car or even breaking against each other because you didn’t have a proper place to store them. Once you get home you'll be able to store your newly acquired bottles of wine in your wine rack or wine cooler.


Find a Designated Driver

This is undoubtedly the Number One rule of any winery tour, which is why we saved it for last. Sure, it’s just wine and you’re certainly not planning on having that much anyway. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Those little sips you take eventually add up to become a significant amount and you may find that you have tasted more than you had anticipated.

So before you go on your winery tour, hire a designated driver. If your tour is in New York, consider our car service in Westchester for a safe ride to and from the winery. This way you can fully indulge in your tour without the distracting thought that you will have to drive yourself later. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained in road safety and customer service. This means that we not only guarantee you a safe trip, but also an exceptionally hospitable and pleasant experience with us.

Posted on Sep 12 2017

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