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Three Popular Attractions

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Westchester Fun: Three Popular Attractions

Westchester County is rarely mentioned when it comes to the subject of popular travel destinations in New York. But this unassuming New York district is studded with a variety of amazing attractions. The County offers all-year fun with a serious edge to it; after all, a lot of people consider Westchester to be New York’s Intellectual Capital. This is where you will find world-renowned universities, colleges, research facilities, museums, etc. As a primary base of operation for our Westchester limo service, we are all too aware of some of the most popular attractions that may interest you in this quiet county.

The Tarrytown Lighthouse

The Tarrytown Lighthouse was rendered obsolete ever since the rise of the Tappan Zee Bridge, whose navigational lights took up the role once played by the lighthouse. However, with so few monuments from early marine history, it doesn’t matter if it’s functional or not, it’s still a fascinating sight. There are ecological exhibits inside the lighthouse that educate visitors on the importance of preserving rivers. Nonetheless, the best place to visit is the Sleepy Hollow Kingsland Point Park. The lighthouse is open to the public by appointment only at a fee $150 for every group of 25, so gather all your friends and head on down there for a taste of history.

The Andrus Planetarium

Do you know of any other place where you can kick back in a cozy chair and just gaze up at the stars no matter what time of the day it is? Well, at the Andrus Planetarium in the Hudson River Museum, you can do just that. With a simple flick of a switch, this 40-foot dome transforms into clear night sky like you’ve never seen before. There are numerous informative shows that explain the mysteries of the skies, each tailored for a different age group, which makes it a perfect family getaway destination.

Lyndhurst Castle

Also found in Tarrytown, the Lyndhurst Castle was a summer home that belonged to railroad magnate Jay Gould. The castle is a spectacular site in any season, but it is particularly special around Christmas. A bright golden mantel and a beautiful Christmas tree adorned with golden decorations contrast with the straw on the floor to bring out one of the most picturesque symbols of Christmas you have ever seen. Additionally, each room in the castle is decorated to represent a different fairy tale; there is a real-life Sleeping Beauty, Snow White’s tree, the Evil Queen’s mirror on the wall, Beauty and the Beast in the dining room, and so much more. At Lyndhurst Castle, it’s hard to decide who has more fun, the kids or the grown-ups.

Posted on Oct 10 2017

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