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The Art of the Business Dinner

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Business functions often take place outside of regular business hours. You may be invited to a conference, lunch meeting, or formal dinner. Dinners can consist of large groups or simply be two professionals working on a special project or problem. It can be confusing to know what to wear or how to act if you are new to these events. There are a few key things to remember when taking business outside of the office. 

You Must See this Person on Monday

It is important to remember you are meeting with coworkers. Even if you have known the person or group for a long time, be on your best behavior. If you would not say something at the office, don’t say it at dinner. You may have coworkers that you are friends with outside of work mixed with professionals you do not know well. This is not the time to order an extra drink or make an inappropriate joke. You must face these people at the office on Monday. Remain as professional as possible. 

Dress Appropriately

It can be fun to get out of the office to discuss significant projects. The change of scenery can often help you be more attentive and creative. It is important, however, to keep your professional look. First, find out the name of the restaurant and find out if any specific clothing items are required. Some upscale places require suit jackets for the men. You can deviate a little from daily office wear, however, it is important to remain conservative. 

Men may like to wear a pattern or brighter color than normal while still wearing dress pants and proper shoes. Women may opt for a nice dress if it does not reveal too much skin. If your company is providing a special service, such as a Westchester limousine, you may be required to wear more formal dinner attire. 

Be Careful What You Order

Your company may go out of their way to make a business dinner luxurious. A Westchester limo service can help with this endeavor. Even if you are picked up in a limo, it is not appropriate to take advantage of the company you work for. Order conservatively instead of choosing the most expensive item. If you are at a fancy restaurant, it may be acceptable to order appetizers to share with other guests, an entrée, and a desert. In some cases, you may be offered certain things by the person in charge of the meeting. This can make it much easier to discern what is appropriate. 

Business dinners can be a nice change from the daily grind. You can get dressed up and spend the evening out instead of discussing work in the office you spend many hours in. Even with a different environment, however, you have a responsibility to remain professional. Be mindful of your clothing, what you say, what your order. Let us help you make the business meeting even more enjoyable with a hired chauffeur. Your colleagues can all arrive in style when you reserve a limo or SUV that can hold the entire group.

Posted on Feb 19 2019

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