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4 Public Speaking Tips for Corporate Players

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Whether you are making a pitch to receive funding, making a demo at your business’s product launch, or simply making a presentation at an industry workshop, everyone in the corporate field has to do some public speaking at one point or another. For most people, that is normally a terrifying experience. How will you keep the audience engaged? How clearly will your message be perceived? How will you be able to stay calm? Relax, our Westchester Limo Service has compiled a few tips that will help you shine in your next public speech or presentation.


Just as in acting, there is a theatrical aspect to public speaking; you need to rehearse your speech. You could do this in front of the mirror in your bathroom or you could do this in front of a loved one you feel comfortable around. You could also write down your key points on a sheet of paper; this will go a long way in helping you transition through your speech.

The more you practice, the more natural it will feel when it comes to making the actual speech. However, note, don’t try to cram your speech in its entirety; this will only make you nervous if you find that you can’t recall a certain line. It’s better to understand your message in such a way that you can even construct the words in your mind as you go because you understand the message you want to pass across.

Make Eye Contact

We cannot emphasize this enough; especially if you are trying to convince the audience to buy into your business or your product. Making eye contact with people will help you come off as more honest, trustworthy, and confident. It will also make the audience feel more connected to you; each person you lock eyes with will feel that the message has been tailored specifically for them, hence keeping them engaged.

Speak Slowly

This is especially important if you are introducing material that is unique to you and your business or you are launching a new product. If you are delivering information that is totally new to the audience, it is imperative to make sure you are expressing yourself in a manner that they can understand so speak slowly and allow the audience sufficient time to digest the information. Additionally, avoid technical jargon that may hinder a clear understanding of your message and abridge the audience’s engagement.

Understand Your Audience

This aspect is arguably the most important element of public speaking. Successful public speaking comes from truly making a connection with your audience. No matter how articulate you are, if people don’t feel connected to you or your message, it won’t resonate, which is essentially a failed speech/presentation. So, research the event in which you are going to be speaking and find out what kind of audience will be present, then tailor your speech or presentation in a manner they would appreciate and find exciting. For example, you cannot speak to 10-year-olds the same way you would speak to 25-year-olds - even if it is on the same topic.

Posted on Nov 14 2017

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