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Looking to Stay Healthy This Summer While Traveling? Take a Look at These 8 Fantastic Tips

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Like everyone else, you’re probably looking to spend more time outdoors this summer. With such great weather and tons of opportunities just waiting to be explored, it’s not surprising to see plenty of BBQs getting fired up and tons of people traveling to and from on their summer getaways. However, you’ll need to remember that hot temperatures do come with health risks of its own, so you’ll want to pay more attention to your physical and mental health to make the most of summer.  

In fact, a great way to stay cool and comfortable this summer while traveling is by choosing our Westchester limo service. We understand just how torturous it is to have to endure sitting in a car that’s been baking under the sun for hours, and you really needn’t go through that. Just give us a call or book our Westchester limousine service online to enjoy a cool ride (literally) with us today. We’ve also provided more tips on how to stay healthy and happy this summer, so take a look down below:

Don’t Forget to Drink Water 

Now’s not the time to disregard just how important H2O is. If you haven’t been consuming the recommended 64 ounces (about 8 cups) of water daily, you’ll better start right now. This is especially important if you’re intending to spend long hours outdoors under the sun as you can easily experience dehydration and feel faint when lacking water.

To effectively fill your body with enough water throughout the day, it helps to carry a water bottle that you can easily refill. However, if you’re resistant to the idea of lugging around a bulky object, you can still keep your water intake at a healthy level by investing in a collapsible water bottle that can fit into your pocket. 

Avoid Dark Colors 

Direct sunlight on bare skin can also cause painful sunburns, so if you don’t intend to tan this summer, you’ll best cover-up. However, do invest in a light, breathable materials such as cotton and linen that work to keep your body cool. There are also other types of synthetic fabrics these days that also wick away sweat more effectively and also help to regulate our body temperature.

Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes outdoors as that will just trap further heat on your body. Another great way to ensure that your body stays cool and comfortable is by wearing looser clothing as that helps to create a space of air in between your body and clothes.

Don’t Go Out Without Sunscreen 

Even if you’ve already applied a layer of sunscreen before going outdoors, you’ll need to remember that it’s only good for the number of hours of protection stated on the product. Another thing to remember is that sweating and getting in and out of the water constantly will also mean that you’ll need to reapply your sunscreen a lot more often. To enjoy every bit of your summer travels, do reapply your sunscreen whenever needed.

Boost Your Body with Supplements and Nutrients

It’s easier to remain in a healthy state when we’re not exposed to others, but when traveling out and about in hot weather, you’ll want to boost your immune system with a daily dose of Vitamin C. After all, even if you’re in tip-top condition, it’s still possible to catch germs from crowded public places. 

For berry fans out there, summer is the time to indulge in these antioxidant-rich fruits. Hit up your local juice bar or experiment with different fruits and vegetables yourself. Whichever combo you prefer is bound to do you a world of good, especially when you’re spending more time outdoors under the hot sun.

Choose Healthier BBQ Options

Cutting out unhealthy fats and processed sugars will do wonders for your diet. When it comes to enjoying a delicious BBQ, if you’re willing to expand your palette, you can definitely still enjoy plenty of grilled treats with no sauce. If you’re still partial to the idea of sauces, you can always look up recipes for freshly made sauces that use little to no processed sugar. 

Balanced meals are the key to a healthy diet, and one way to ensure that your BBQ session is healthier is by adding fruits and vegetables to the grill. If you’ve only been grilling the usual veggies such as corn and eggplants, you’ve been missing out on all the sweet goodness from fruits such as pineapples and bananas.

Eat Breakfast

Your body requires a substantial amount of energy to function effectively, and when you’re traveling outside under the scorching summer sun, you’ll need to depend on the first meal of the day for that boost. Since summer is just underway, you wouldn’t want to faint from exhaustion, right?  

Exercise On A Regular Basis 

Good health isn’t something you can magic up, and in fact, it requires quite a bit of discipline and effort. Exercising regularly, and more importantly, correctly, is imperative if we want to remain healthy for a long time. It can be hard to maintain an exercise routine in summer, but there are certain types which can be done with a limited amount of time and space.

You’ll definitely want to avoid exercising outdoors during the hottest hours of the day. Morning and evenings are a good time, and you can also make use of pre-cooling techniques such as downing a slushie before working out and draping a cool towel around your neck.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a drink or two on the road, but do remember that moderation is the key to truly savoring your drinks. Since consuming alcohol in hot weather actually further depletes our water stores and speeds up dehydration, you might just want to consider stopping your consumption of hard alcohol and switching to lighter alcoholic beverages instead.

Posted on Jul 17 2019

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