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International Travel Safety Tips

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International Travel Safety Tips

Traveling abroad can be both exhilarating and frightening. Unless it’s a location you have traveled to several times before, you are essentially heading into the great unknown. We understand that there are several reasons why you would be apprehensive about international travel and because of this our Car Service in Westchester has come up with a couple of safety tips that will put your mind at ease and guarantee your safety while you’re in a foreign land.

Back Up All Important Documents

Whether you’re traveling locally or overseas, you will have to keep certain important documentation on you at all times. That includes your passport, your identification card, and other important travel documents. No matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility of misplacing personal items. To be safe and to negate the possibility of being stranded in a foreign country, make copies of all important documentation and save soft copies electronically in your email. Keep one set of hard copies with you separate from the originals and share a soft copy of the documents with a trusted friend or family member you can contact in case you can’t access your copies for some reasons. This way, if you lose your original travel documents, it will be easier to prove your identity, which will expedite your return back home.

Health and Insurance

You wouldn’t want to fall sick while you’re traveling, would you? Especially when you’re traveling abroad. Therefore, check-in with your doctor before you leave and ensure that you have gotten all necessary vaccinations and that you are physically fit to make the journey. Also, remember to confirm with your medical insurance provider that your current policy applies overseas and if not, add an extra policy to supplement your current one for overseas emergencies.

Identify Escape Routes at your Hotel

A lot of people are more concerned with the amenities of the hotel they are checking into rather than scoping out possible or designated escape routes. While there is no problem wanting to enjoy room service, complimentary drinks, and all other benefits and amenities the hotel has to offer, don’t forget to study the map at the lobby or in the hallways and identify the closest emergency exits that you could use in case of an incident.

Hotel Business Cards

The very first thing you should do when you arrive at your hotel is to request that they supply you with hotel business cards at the front desk. This way if you find yourself lost out there, you have the hotel’s name, address, phone number, and possibly even a little map that you can use to find your way back. Additionally, in case the local population doesn’t speak your language, you can simply show the person you need to guide you he hotel card and they should be able to understand that you’re trying to find that specific hotel.

Posted on Nov 07 2017

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