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How to Work More Efficiently from Home

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With home working becoming increasingly common, how can you make sure you stay focused and avoid the pitfalls that come with doing business out of the office? Read on for our expert advice.

  • Remove distractions
  • Be strict about what you allow when you are working from home – if you find it difficult to stop looking at your phone every time a message pings through, turn it to silent and put it in your desk drawer, if you know you find it hard to concentrate with the radio blaring in the background, switch it off until it’s time for a break. You have to accept that there are more opportunities for distraction than you would have when you’re in an office environment, but this doesn’t mean you can’t manage it effectively.
  • Get ready for work as usual
  • It can be tempting to simply work all day in your pyjamas, but try to carry out your regular morning routine anyway in order to persuade your mind that the day is nothing but work as usual. Take a shower, get dressed, have your morning coffee and breakfast at the usual time, then get stuck into your work. Sticking to a routine like this will help you be more efficient than when you’re lounging as if you are on a day off. It will also make your spare time feel more refreshing and keep the two areas of your life separate, which can often be a challenge for home workers.
  • Leave the chores for later
  • Yes the dishwasher needs emptying, and yes you could put that wash on which you’ve been meaning to do for the past couple of days, but try to hold off on the household chores until your designated break times. Although you might think of them as ‘quick jobs’, you’ll often find they’ll snowball into something else, leaving you checking your watch and wondering where your morning went before you’ve had chance to do any real work.
  • Create an office area
  • Give yourself a designated office area in which to work in peace, away from the other distractions of your home. If you can’t dedicate a whole room as an office then find the quietest area of the house where you’ll suffer from fewer distractions. Invest in a good desk, a quality chair, and good lighting that will enable you to work in comfort all day.
  • Create a schedule each day
  • Try to keep on top of what you need to achieve each day by creating a detailed schedule. Of course, you don’t want to spend too long creating this, so you don’t have any time left for work itself but list out the main tasks you need to accomplish, assign a time frame for each, and then make sure you always plan in time for breaks throughout the day, too.

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Posted on Mar 13 2018

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