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How to Survive Winter as a Business Traveler

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Safe business travel is about following the storm and knowing your travel options. It's also about purchasing tickets at the right time, so you can avoid any inclement weather you may encounter. The strategy for a successful business trip also involves packing the right stuff. Here are some tips to avoid the stress associated with traveling in the winter.

Purchase Nonstop Tickets

You should fly nonstop whenever possible. If you're stuck in the hotel lobby or at the airport because your flight was cancelled, then prepare yourself for a boring day. There's nothing worse than being stuck at the airport or hotel with no place to stay and nothing to do but wait out the snowstorm.

Flying nonstop removes the problem of getting stuck halfway of your trip. You can look for nonstop flights by checking the "Nonstop Only" option. Choosing flexible dates and looking for local airports can help you determine the costs of nonstop flights. If you have to fly nonstop, be aware of the layover times. If the snow delays your trip, you may miss your connection if the airline doesn't provide you with an alternative seat which can be tough to get on the busiest travel days.

Book the Earliest Flight

Even if you're not a morning person, you should book the earliest flight possible. This is imperative on holidays and the other busiest travel days of the year. You want to have control when the weather doesn't go your way.

Early morning flights increase your chances of having your flight canceled due to inclement weather. If your flight is canceled, your chances of finding another seat have improved significantly since you got an early start. It doesn't seem fair but alternative seat options are served on a first serve, first come basis.

Purchase Travel Insurance

You should invest in travel insurance. The best one can provide you with 24/7 customer support, missed connection coverage, and travel delay coverage. Some ways to find the best travel insurance for your needs is to purchase travel insurance through your airline or your vacation provider. Even your employer may provide travel insurance if you travel a lot for business.

Check the Weather Before Your Trip

Check out which days are the worst to travel. Seven-day forecasts are available through your local news, your phone's weather app, the Weather Channel, or the National Weather Service. Most storms can be tracked as early as 72 hours prior.

You don't want to wait until the storm arrives to make changes to your travel plans. If you can't stay on top of the storm, you'll find yourself in a crowded airport. Check the status of the wind before you head out on your trip. Also, check the status of other storms in other parts of the country since these can afflict your flight as well.

Pack the Right Stuff

Think about the things you need to make your business trip easier in the wintertime. If you're packing an overnight bag, you should pack the basics such as your toothbrush, medications, clothes, and change of underwear. You should also keep your electronics and devices on you. Other things you should pack include a puffy coat, winter boots, wool socks, and silk underwear. Wool socks and silk underwear will keep you warm in the coldest of months without overheating.

Traveling during the winter can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. With some planning, you can get through some of the coldest months. Using our Westchester limo service can ensure that you'll get to your destination safely. Our Westchester airport shuttle includes luxury limos and professional chauffeurs who assure the safety of their passengers. Here, at Harrison Car Service, we take pride in delivering fast, efficient and safe ground transportation solutions.

Posted on Dec 04 2018

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