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How to Plan a Successful Company Conference

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There are a couple of benefits to be enjoyed from planning a successful company conference. Depending on the purpose of such a corporate event, it can boost your company’s sales and your team members’ morale. At the same time, it can improve your visibility, consequently helping your career.

There is just one problem, planning a conference can be a little tricky. You need to come up with a compelling agenda and invite the best speakers in your industry. Don’t forget about the food too. Aside from these, there are loads of “behind the scene” elements you have to worry about, and transportation is one of these.

However, planning a successful company conference doesn’t have to be complex, with the right guidance. To this effect, we have compiled some tips to help you plan a successful conference.

Decide on a Clear Purpose

This is essential for every successful business meeting. You have to decide what the purpose of the conference is before you can proceed. Is the conference designed to motivate the sales force, or introduce a new product?

The rest of the conference can be planned only after you have determined the purpose. Then you can start worrying about the agenda, the venue, the speakers, and transportation. 

Create a Budget

By now, you have determined the purpose of the conference. That must have also helped you answer the questions of who would be speaking at the conference, the venue, etc. Now you have to set up a budget for the meeting.

There are important questions to consider here. These include;

1. Will you be paying the speaker?

2. How about the meal?

3. How much will the venue cost?

4. How much will the transportation cost? 

And other similar questions. Your best option is to create a list of everything you need and enter a rough estimate of the cost. 

Research Available Dates

First of all, you need to start your planning one year ahead of the conference. Why is this preferable, you ask? The reason is simple, the logistics. You need to know when the vendors, venues and speakers will be available. That means a planning period that is less than a year is severely limiting.

Plan the Conference

Planning the conference begins with booking a suitable venue. Find out if the venue will be responsible for the meeting meals. If not, set it up. 

After booking the venue, make arrangements with the speakers, informing them of the conference date and time. Remember to hire all the vendors you may need. Finally, you just have to develop an agenda and publicize the conference. 

Evaluate the Conference

This is an important post conference step. You need to get feedback from the participants. It allows you to know if you were able to achieve the purpose of the conference. Consider sending a short questionnaire to the attendees. 

On a Final Note

Planning a great conference sometimes require going the extra mile in the planning process. An example is providing transportation to the venue or to and from the hotel/airport for the attendees. This is what our Westchester car service offers. 

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Posted on Jul 17 2018

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