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How to Pick the Right Limo Service

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a marriage, graduation, prom, a family ride or you are just having a weekend of a lifetime, you want your transportation experience to intensify but not hinder the occasion. When it comes to riding in style, there is no other way than renting a limo.

Limos are luxury cars that are used for special occasions. Picking the right limo service can be a cumbersome task. You don’t want to end up with a bad driver or a faulty limousine.

There are many things you have to take into consideration to avoid any embarrassing situation at the end. Some of the procedures that you may consider to help you pick the right limo service are discussed below:



Checking reviews, blogs and references is the best way to start on how to pick the best limo service. Check the background of the limo service that interests you. Look for reviews from users who have hired the service before you.

Don’t stick to one source as some companies hire people to post good reviews to increase traffic.

Choose an experienced and reputable company with numerous references and reviews. You can’t go wrong with a company that has a good history and has operated for years.


When considering a limo company, take the size and condition of the fleet into consideration. This will help you make sure they have exactly what is needed to accommodate your group. It’s always a good idea to check availability to make sure there’s a viable option for your group.


Price is obviously a factor, especially when you travel on a budget. Be sure to ask about the entire bill for your contract and pick the one that suits your budget. Some companies may be ridiculously cheap but have layers of hidden charges to be added to your base charge.

Also, high priced companies don’t entirely mean quality services and vice versa. Be sure your final price is all-inclusive, exhaust your options then pick the one that best suits you.


Make time to inspect the limo you are renting. This is a very important procedure that will help you pick the right limo service. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting picked up in a rickety limo when you ordered a new shiny Mercedes.

Check thoroughly the condition of the limo, if it has insurance and is registered. You can choose your limo service once you are satisfied with the outcome of your inspection.


An amateur conducting your ride would probably ruin things for you. You don’t want that. Level of business experience and professionalism are also important factors to consider when it comes to picking the right limo service.

This can simply be avoided by hiring a limo service with a high level of business experience, doing this will ensure a stress-free celebration.


Deciding on the right limo service should get easier with the tips mentioned above. Consider booking our Westchester car service that offers the highest luxury and comfort. Here, at Harrison Car Service, we take pride in delivering fast, efficient and safe ground transportation solutions. We proudly serve clients anywhere in the US and around the world.

Posted on Apr 11 2018

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