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How to Impress your Clients During a Business Meeting?

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You have a business meeting just around the corner and you are wondering how to impress your business partners? This is one aspect of business meetings that is stress inducing. It’s something people find it difficult to do. 

To make it easier for you, we have outlined some conducts to impress new clients. Think of business meetings with clients as a date. Accordingly, you have to show off your best side to lay a good foundation for a successful long-term relationship. 


Plan and Prepare

This is a no-brainer. Adequate preparation and planning must precede every meeting. Start by collecting all necessary data and information needed at least three hours before the meeting. Review them, and plan how you intend to discuss them during the meeting. This ensures that you communicate effectively and stay on point.

Don’t be late! Arriving before schedule ensures you have your game together before the client arrives. Moreover, it’s rude to keep a client waiting. 

Dress to Kill

The appropriate thing to say here would be to dress professionally. One of the best ways of making a good first impression is through your appearance. And nothing screams professionalism better than a fine black suit. Let’s face it, everybody loves a good-looking person.

Turn on the Charm

Your A game must be present when attending business meetings with clients. And by “A game” we mean your charm. Be well mannered, be polite and be friendly. In other words, let your personality shine. You’re thinking that’s not you, fake it. 

Anything you have to say will not be taken seriously if you don’t appear confident. So, give your most confident handshake and do not appear weary or distracted. People generally find positive attitude attractive, so smile as much as possible. 

Be Attentive

While you may have to lead the discussion, listen to what your client has to say. That means, making eye contact when he or she is talking and taking note when necessary. Not only does this exude confidence, it also helps you avoid any type of misunderstanding. 

When arguments come up, don’t try to win. Winning is not as important as attaining your goal. Don’t try to be too smart, that’ll only make you look silly. Rather, make suggestions and inputs that show a deep reflection. And if there is anything you don’t understand, ask for clarifications. 

Summarize and Follow-up

At the end of the meeting, send a brief summary of the meeting and a thank you note to everyone. Also, remember to follow up on what was discussed during the meeting. Contact the client on proposals for the next step. 


The tips outlined above will help you impress clients during a business meeting. Remember, the most important part is the first impression. 

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Posted on Jun 12 2018

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