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How to Choose the Best Limo Service for Your Prom Night

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It takes a lot of coordinating to get your prom night organized. Prom is often the last big dance of your high school career. You get to dress up beautifully and enjoy your favorite group of friends for several hours. Prom night does not begin when the dance starts, however. For girls, it often starts early in the day with hair, makeup, and nails. Groups often meet up and take a limo or other car service to a nice restaurant, as well. If you aren’t done after the dance, a stop for late night coffee can also be fun. It is important to choose a limo service that meets your needs. 


Before you make reservations with a Westchester limo service, you need to know how many people are riding with you. There are different types of limousines. If you do not have a definite head count and it is getting close to prom, opt for a larger one to accommodate extra people. Reservations can be difficult to get if you wait too long. If you are only going as a couple, you can often choose a smaller luxury car from some companies. Consider how much time you may spend in the limousine and the clothing you plan to wear, as well. If you fill it to capacity, you may be uncomfortable for long periods of time in fluffy prom dresses. 

Time Frame

Make sure the company you choose allows for the time frame you desire. You may simply want to go to dinner and then be dropped off at prom.  The chauffeur may leave and come back or wait to drive you home after prom. If you are paying an hourly rate, you can save time by requiring the entire group to meet in one place for pick-up. Add a little extra time in case you decide to make an extra stop or to allow for traffic. 

Safety Measures

When you are considering a Westchester limousine, you should ask for credentials and safety information. Many companies do extensive background checks on their chauffeurs to make sure customers are in good hands. Some companies may also require a list of passengers. If this is required, you may not be able to add extra friends at the last minute, and the solution would be to check on the company policies. You can take your own precautions by leaving your evening itinerary with a parent. This should include all information from the limousine company. They should provide the license plate number and name of the chauffeur. 

A ride in a luxury vehicle can be a big highlight of prom night. Some groups may spend a few hours in the limo just taking a ride around town. Our company guarantees a safe ride and professional service. Prom night is an important part of the high school experience. Our chauffeurs make sure everyone has a great time. We can accommodate all sizes of groups and can help you plan the perfect schedule for your big night.

Posted on Mar 06 2019

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