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Essential Steps for Planning a Business Meeting

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Every business meeting requires proper planning, including taking care of the smallest details. As such, there is an order of operation that the meeting planner is expected to follow to increase efficiency and prevent some vital details from slipping through the fingers. That's why we have outlined the steps to take when planning your next small business meeting. Let's jump right in.

Select a Topic and a Location

These are the first two details your guests will need. It has a significant impact on who will be invited to the meeting, and if such a person will attend. Furthermore, your choice of venue leads to some crucial decisions about the overall meeting, including the ones you'll have to make when planning the event.

Know the Participants 

One way to ensure productivity in any business meeting is by avoiding unnecessary distractions. The easiest way to ensure this is by inviting only the big decision-makers, rather than all the related parties involved. These voting members can talk to their subordinates before attending the meeting, and share the outcome too if necessary.

Date, Time, and Itinerary 

The next step is to come up with a date and time that suits all the attendants. Offer about three options of dates and time to pick from. If you’re lucky you’ll have a date that works for everyone. If not, you can simply request that the outliers adjust their schedule to accommodate the majority. 

Once you have the schedule figured out, the next thing to worry about is the itinerary. Create an outline of the topics to be discussed, including the individuals that will lead each segment of the meeting. Submit the draft to the group for approval. 

Discuss the Presentation Needs

You must request the details of the preferred form of presentation from each group to prepare accordingly. Some of the necessary components for a successful presentation include internet access, whiteboard, and PowerPoint functionality. Arrange for these components within a week of the meeting and confirm the components again a few days before the meeting. 

Send the Final Details

Finally, send the final details to all the participants within a week of the event. The details should contain everything leading up to the meeting, including itinerary, details of each participant, directions, parking information, emergency contact, and room numbers.

Book Transportation

One other thing you must do is take measures to provide safe transit for the participants. This will help reduce the amount of money you’ll spend on compensations. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep your attendees safer while on the road.

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Posted on Sep 25 2018

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