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Enjoy the Perfect Summer Break at Any of These Fantastic Places

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Summer is defined by warmer temperatures and a lot more sun, so it’s also a great time for getaways and spending more time outdoors. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. It’s good to unwind and relax and just have fun, and if you’ve been wondering where to explore this coming summer, you’re in luck. Just take a look at our list of recommended summer getaways to inspire you for your next trip:


July and August are the best months to visit Amsterdam, and although it’s summer here as well, it’s still a nice cool average of 72° F most days. For cycling enthusiasts, you’ll be glad to know that this is a city that cherishes their bike paths, and it’s entirely possible to cycle just about anywhere. Here, you’ll also get to enjoy their intricate yet beautiful canals, well-maintained remnants from the Golden Age and plenty more.


It’s going to be summer until August, so expect hot and dry weather if you’re intending to visit this northernmost African country. Then again, from the maze-like medina in Marrakesh to the countless shopping opportunities in their souqs, you’ll probably wish you could spend more time here. If you’re up for a trip to the Sahara, you even experience glamping under a beautiful desert night sky filled with stars.


Fancy a trip down to Mexico City? Although there’s definitely lots to explore in the entire country, you really should make CDMX your first stop. In fact, did you know that the capital of Mexico is also home to more museums than any other city in the world? Even if museums aren’t your thing, there’s still plenty of pristine beaches, colorful towns and tons of delicious food to explore while you’re here.

The Grand Canyon 

In 2019, America’s most famous geologic marvel celebrates its 100-year anniversary with a series of special exhibitions, talks, concerts and more throughout the year. As we all know, the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is you are looking for a truly American travel experience, then you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon this summer. If you love outdoor activities, you’ll fall in love with this magnificent place. 

Bora Bora

If you’re already going to be experiencing summer here in the U.S., why not spend your summer break on the wonderful island paradise of Bora Bora? Sure, it’s going to be packed with tourists till October, but you needn’t pay them any attention while you enjoy the cool waters of the many turquoise lagoons available. Just rent a water bungalow for your stay and enjoy beautiful tropical weather all year round at any time.


Rather than make another trip to Paris, why not give Monaco a go this summer instead? If you’ve ever watched a James Bond movie, you’ll probably already realize just how prominently Monaco features, especially the famous Casino de Monte Carlo. Here, luxury hotels and resorts abound, and you can expect a laid-back lifestyle strolling the boardwalk and sampling French gourmet foods at Condamine Market.


You’ll never run out of things to do and explore on this amazing island country. With thousands of islands to choose from, it’s pretty hard to just decide on a few to visit, but if you only have a limited amount of time, Bali is one destination you really must see. The capital city of Jakarta is also a vibrant destination worth dropping by for, and here, it’s really easy to get incredible value for your money.


The capital of Peru is known very much for its amazing and diverse food scene, and if you’re up for plenty of affordable good food (think Michelin star standard), you’ll want to book your plane ticket and head on over here now. It’ll be the winter season till November, but your summer break doesn’t have to be warm to be enjoyable, right? If you’re also into learning more about the country’s history, you should also drop by the Larco Museum to enjoy the world’s largest collection of Ancient Peru artifacts.

Guanacaste Province, Costa Rice 

It is no wonder why Costa Rica is such a great summer travel destination with its fabulous beach-meets-jungle coastlines, a splendid array of biodiversity, and friendly locals. The province of Guanacaste is situated in the northwest region of Costa Rica and welcomes its tourists with a variety of beautiful beaches and reach cultures, gaining a name for itself as a tropical paradise. 


Along with other parts of the U.S., it’ll be summer from May till October on this beautiful island, but since it’s also considered a paradise by many, you can rest assured that your time spent here will truly be a relaxing and inspiring one. Rest your eyes on the clear blue Pacific Ocean, experience a majestic sunset atop Haleakalā Volcano and even learn to dance the hula. With its laid-back and easygoing lifestyle, you’ll definitely feel all your cares melt away.

It isn’t easy to stay still if you’ve already been bitten by the travel bug, and you’re probably already itching to set off on your next summer adventure. To skip the hassle of traveling to and from the airport on your own, why not give our Westchester airport shuttle service a go. With our reliable chauffeurs operating the wheel, all you’ll need to do is sit back in absolute comfort while we do all the work. If this sounds like a great start and end to your summer break, just give us a call or book our Westchester limo service online today! 

Posted on Jul 29 2019

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