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Destination Corporate Events - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Corporate events often give people a chance to socialize outside of work. Otherwise, they may hurry home every day to take care of personal matters and family. Corporate events often involve families, as well. Picnics and Christmas parties, for example, are a great way for people to enjoy some entertainment and good food.  A destination corporate event is a fun way to combine a vacation with employee bonding. It can be challenging, however, to be around your coworkers for longer periods of time. These events may include people you would rather not see outside of work. A destination corporate event can be both fun and a bit complicated. 


It may take some time to get to the destination. This can cut into your entertainment time. A shorter distance can make the trip much easier, especially if the group is driving to the location. If a flight is necessary, you may be able to get good prices for the group and it saves travel time. Transportation is something that you do not have to deal with when corporate events are held in the hometown. 

For a destination corporate event, you may need plane tickets, a charter bus, or rental cars. Rides to and from the airport are also necessary. A car service in Westchester County can help you get everyone to meetings, dinners, and tourist activities. A night out on the town with a Westchester limo service can also be arranged to add a little luxury to the trip. 


A short-term corporate event close to home leaves you with an opportunity to leave when you have had enough. A destination corporate event forces you to socialize with your coworkers longer. There is likely to be a daily itinerary that includes many group activities. The goal of many corporate events is to build a stronger, better bonded team. If there are coworkers you cannot deal with for a long period of time, the destination event may not be for you. 

Group activities are probably paid for, while time on your own is going to require you to spend your own money. It also may not look good if you abandon the group, especially since most of your expenses are paid for by the company. People can often manage to be polite during a normal workday. You may, however, see the ugly side of people after several days and nights together. 

Scheduling the Event

It is unlikely that an entire office can be gone for several days. A destination corporate event may take place on a weekend or holiday break to allow everyone to participate. This can shorten your family or personal time. If the event is during the week, there may be work that has to be done on the trip. These events, however, may not happen very often. Even if they take up one of your weekends, you may not have another one until an entire year later. 

Corporate events take a lot of planning no matter where they are held. Destination events come with a lot more expense and planning, however. You may need a car service that can handle large groups to get everyone to the airport, for example. Once your group arrives in town, our company can provide you with chauffeurs to handle tours, nights out, and a return trip to the airport. Our large vehicles can accommodate several people, making it easier to plan for group outings. Let us handle your transportation needs so your trip stays well-organized.

Posted on Mar 19 2019

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