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Bad Weather Safety Tips

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On top of the stress of this season’s freezing weather, there are other winter-related hazards that one may experience if proper precaution is not taken. These hazards may manifest themselves while performing simple tasks such as driving in the snow, repairing electrical connections, installing Christmas decorations, walking on icy sidewalks, and many more. Not to worry, however; our Westchester Limousine Service has come up with a couple of tips that you can apply to ensure that you and your family stay safe throughout this winter season.

Safety when Shoveling Snow

This is a necessary but strenuous activity, especially because cold weather is tasking on our bodies. In the cold weather, we are prone to exhaustion, dehydration, muscle injuries, and even the development of heart conditions. We suggest that when you’re shoveling snow you take certain precautions such as regular breaks indoors, scooping small amounts at a time as opposed to shoveling the entire driveway in one go, pushing the snow aside as opposed to collecting it, and staying hydrated, which will in turn force you to head indoors for bathroom breaks, hence keeping you just sufficiently warm.

Safety when Repairing Electrical Connections

Power lines and other electrical connections are bound to sustain due to the extreme winter conditions. However, making repairs on damaged electrical connections is extremely hazardous; the main reason being that snow is essentially frozen water, which is a high conductor of electricity. The moisture in snow reduces the insulation value of protective equipment such as gloves and boots and could lead to electrocution that would have otherwise been avoided during drier seasons. If you have to make any electrical repairs, we recommend that you stick to de-energized tasks. If energized repairs have to be made, make sure to contact qualified personnel who are adequately equipped to handle such hazardous under winter conditions in a safe manner.

Safety when Using Powered Equipment

This includes equipment such as Snow Blowers. Ensure that any powered equipment that you’re using during this winter season is properly grounded to protect you from electric shocks; as we have mentioned above, the snow is essentially frozen water, a high conductor of electricity. Also, if you have to conduct any cleaning or maintenance, ensure that the equipment is properly insulated and disconnected from the power source. Do not forget to keep your hands and your feet from any moving parts of the machine to avoid injury and never add fuel when the engine/motor is hot or running.

Safety when Driving

Although it is impossible for you to control roadway conditions, you can improve your driving behavior by educating yourself on the hazards of driving in the winter weather. However, to lighten the burden of driving this winter, we recommend that you employ the services of our Westchester Car Services throughout this season. Our professional chauffeurs are specially trained to handle driving under extreme conditions of any kind and our luxurious vehicles are routinely maintained and equipped to operate in harsh winter weather.

Posted on Dec 12 2017

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