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5 Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster

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Air travel is a great way to get to places too far or exotic to reach by car. For the most part, it is a convenience that many people rely on daily for business and personal travel. Once you get to the airport, however, you may experience a series of delays. With airport security at an all-time high, you often need to arrive several hours ahead of time to make sure you get on your flight. There are some things you can do, however, to help you get through the airport faster.

Hire a Car Service

Whether you are going to the airport or leaving it, a hired car can make a big difference. There is often a lot of traffic surrounding the airport, making it frustrating to bring your own car. You can forgo the parking time and expense when you have a chauffeur drop you off at the entrance. You may also be able to choose a Westchester airport shuttle to get to popular hotels from the airport. When you let a professional handle transportation, this cuts a lot of time out of your airport arrival. You can even hire a Westchester limo service for a luxury ride from the airport. 

Have Documents Ready

You may be trying to cut down on luggage, however, it is best to have a specific bag for items that you must present to officials at the airport. Ladies can opt for a larger purse or a small carry on a backpack so that a folder with documents fits inside. If you need your smaller purse on the trip, simply tuck it in the carry-on backpack. Before  you leave home, place your passport, tickets, and copies of reservations in a folder. You hold up the line when you must dig through your purse or briefcase for identification or tickets. You may have to present some items more than once, so it pays to have them all in one place. 

Simple Clothing

Security checkpoints may require shoe and metal removal. You can cut down on time spent in these areas if you dress appropriately. Avoid belts with metal buckles and wear slip-on shoes. You can always pack a different pair of shoes in your carry on for later. If you must wear a belt with metal, simply take it off while you are in line, so you are ready for your turn. Light jackets or sweaters also make it easy for security personnel to check you for weapons or illegal substances. This is not the time to bring your heaviest outerwear.

Pack Carefully

All luggage must also be checked through security. Most airlines have lists online to help you pack appropriately. Read this carefully. You make everyone wait when your bag must be opened, and items removed. You may also end up throwing things away that cannot come with you. It is easier to follow the rules than to get stuck at a security checkpoint for a long time. 

Arrive Early

This is necessary for any flight; however, it also helps you stay calm. When you arrive late, you are more likely to feel flustered and be inefficient. Even if you have everything prepared, running late can make you feel like everything is taking longer because you are anxious. You cannot anticipate waiting periods or complications at different checkpoints with many people. Even if something does not go as planned, you can be on time when you arrive early. 

Make your airport experience easier with one of our professional chauffeurs. You can check reliable transportation off your list when you hire our car service. You can rest assured that we have a good understanding of the area and can get you safely to your destination with plenty of time to spare.

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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