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5 Tips to Keep Your Employees Safe While Traveling

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Employers spend billions of dollars annually on compensating workers for work-related travel incidents. Here is the thing - the number of these incidents can be reduced significantly, consequently leading to improved cost savings and productivity.

All you need is a proactive communication and reviewing policies with employees. Also, you have to provide safety protection for your business and employees while traveling. That’s what this article is about.

To ensure your staff’s safety and comfort while traveling, you can always count on Harrison Car Service. Here, at Harrison Car Service, we take pride in delivering fast, efficient, and safe ground transportation solutions. Today, we proudly serve clients anywhere in the US and around the world and our mission is to exceed your expectations in everything we do.

Let’s end the preambles and jump into how you can keep your team safe while traveling.

Prepare Your Employees for Travel

One of the ways to keep your employees safe while traveling is by ensuring that their paperwork is in order before they leave. It is also important that you make sure your employees understand your company’s travel procedures. One of the ways of doing this is by discussing workplace health and safety procedures.

Make copies of Important Documents

Asides from emergency and disasters, other situations that can impact the safety of your employees during travel is loss and theft. Loss of important documents like passports, tickets, scripts, including your wallet and the phone can pose a safety risk to your employees.

What can you do? Ensure your employees make a copy of all important travel and medical documentation. All these copies should be stored in the cloud, or in a place that is easily accessible.

Develop a Travel Safety Guide for Your Team

While company travel policies are an effective way of keeping employees safe while traveling, another way of giving the added information required for safety is through travel safety guides. A proper travel safety guide should contain the following:

·         Political climate of their destination

·         How to exchange currency

·         Proper conduct and practical safety tips

·         Health precautions

Basically, inform employees with everything they need to know about their destination.

Get a Travel Insurance

It is essential to get a travel insurance for your employees. Why? A travel insurance can come in handy during medical emergencies that may turn into doctor visits and other emergency-related issues.

This is even more important if your employees are traveling overseas.

Provide Safe Transit

As an employee, it is important that you take all the measures to provide safe transit for your team. This will help reduce the amount of money you’ll spend on compensations. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep your team safe while on the road.

One of the ways of achieving this is by booking transportation such as our Westchester car service. We offer a range of luxury vehicles that are perfect for night outs, sporting or concert events, tours, meetings and events etc. More than that, our Westchester Airport Shuttle will offer your team a smooth and comfortable transition to and from the airport.

At Harrison Car Service, we partner with travel affiliates across the globe, ensuring you can enjoy deluxe ground transportation services anywhere in the world, at any time. Please call or email us today to find out how we can deliver exceptional travel services for your next trip.

Posted on Apr 17 2018

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