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5 Simple Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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You’ve landed that all-important interview for your perfect job, so you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward when you step into the interview room. Read on to learn how to avoid the common mistakes that many interviewees make so you can ace your next job interview.

Being un(der)prepared

You need to take your time to research the company and job role as much as possible before your interview. Most interviewers will probably ask you something on the subject of what you know about the company, or even the particular department you are applying to work in if the business is large and varied. Even if they don’t ask you directly, it always helps to be able to add a few comments on the company during the interview process, that way they’ll see you’re interested and engaged.

Being too honest

While honesty is usually the best policy when it comes to selling your skills, don’t take it too far. If you made a mistake on a project that isn’t really relevant to the job you are applying for (and you rectified the issue for the future) then don’t mention it when you’re discussing your project achievements. Or if the interviewer asks you what your biggest weakness is, don’t answer too honestly – try to think of something that might be considered a weakness that you can put a positive spin on, for example being a perfectionist or being risk averse.

Not asking any questions

Have some questions lined up for your interviewer, that way you can show that you are truly interested in the role and have given it thorough consideration. Don’t just throw these questions in at any point during the interview, though – try to have a number of them in mind on a range of different topics so you can ask them as the subject comes up.

Not knowing your resume

You should know the details you have listed on your resume inside-out so that you’re well prepared when interviewers ask you for an overview or ask you for further details on some specific information you have included. Make sure you read through your resume again before the interview to re-familiarize yourself with all the details – after all, it may have been some time between your application and your interview date.

Arriving late

When it comes to your interview, punctuality is one of the key aspects that recruiters will expect from every candidate. If you arrive late it is unlikely that you will be taken any further in the process, and you may not even get the chance to go through the interview at all. Don’t leave your punctuality to chance and book our Westchester limo service to ensure that you arrive in good time – relaxed, refreshed, and ready for all the interviewers may have in store. Our reliable chauffeurs will take the stress out of your journey and give you the time for those all-important final preparations.

Posted on Jan 23 2018

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