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5 Phone Apps every Traveler Should Have

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Want to find the best-rated restaurants in a new place? There is an app for that. Wondering what services the spas in your city offer? There’s an app for that. Want to book a hotel? Stay in touch with friends? Find the cheapest flights? There are apps for each of those things.

There’s an app for almost anything you can imagine nowadays. Here is a list of six applications that will make traveling easier, rewarding, and much more enjoyable.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an extremely helpful app to have when you’re exploring new places. The app offers traffic updates, 360-degree views of streets, a voice-assisted GPS navigation system, and more features to help you navigate like a pro. And the best thing about it, it’s all free.

FlightTrack Pro

This app covers 1500 airlines and 3,000 airports. With FlightTrack Pro, you will be able to manage your international flights, receive real-time updates, and access maps. The app instantly lets you know of any developments affecting your flight as they are happening. This way you’re never in the dark, even when you’re not in the airport. Unlike Google Maps, FlightTrack Pro comes at a monthly cost of $9.99 on Android, iPhone/iPad, and Blackberry platforms.


This app manages your itinerary and reservations, turning them into a super-detailed master itinerary.  All you have to do is forward all your car rental, flight, hotel, and restaurant confirmations to the app and the app organizes them for you. You can keep viewing your itinerary list even when you’re offline, and you are also free to add, remove, and even share it with your travel companions. The Triplt pro version comes with additional features allowing you to get refund notifications, find alternative flights, and keep track of your reward points all at a monthly cost of $5.

Google Translate

This is especially helpful when you are in a foreign country where they speak a language you don’t understand. The app allows you to type in a word/phrase or use the voice option to feed in a phrase that it then translates. Google Translate is capable of translating over 50 languages in text and over 20 languages in the voice option. This app is cost free and available on Android and iPhone/iPad platforms.

Harrison Car Service

The Harrison Car Service app takes care of all your transportation needs using our New York car service, which features an airport transfer service as well as a limo service. This state of the art app lets you see prices, book, and pay for your preferred rides in just a few taps. The app also helps you track your assigned chauffeur on the map and get in contact with him directly. Traveling has never been more convenient.

Posted on Aug 21 2017

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