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5 Essentials to Pack for a Long-Haul Flight

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There are some experiences that are extremely frustrating. At the top of the list is being stuck in a plane for hours. You’re lucky if you have a window seat, simply stare into the nothingness of the cloud. And if your seat is in the middle, you have to find a little comfort in boring conversations.

However, there are some things to do to make the experience less painful. It all depends on how prepared you are beforehand. 

Outlined below are five essentials to pack for a long-haul flight. Let’s jump right in:

Thermos for Hot or Cold Drinks

Every frequent flyer that likes coffee knows that the servings from the beverage cart are never enough. And if you are flying in the super-economy airlines, you know the coffee is not free. How can you solve this minor inconvenience?

Bring your thermos and fill it up with airport coffee. Even better, ask a flight attendant to help fill it. You’re wondering why you can’t pack your own coffee. There is a “Liquid Rule” which requires that your mug or thermos be empty before going through security.

What if you are not a coffee person? Fill the thermos with whatever cold or hot drink you want. 

The Gadgets

It is entirely possible to forget to pack your electronics before heading to the airport. So, create a mental checklist which includes your phone, laptop, tablet, and chargers. 

You must never pack your gadgets in the checked bag. Keep them in your carry-on bag for easy access when on the plane. Also, remember to charge all your devices before heading to the airport. This can be the difference between mind-numbing boredom and pleasant flight. 

Music and Videos

The reason to pack your gadgets is simple, it allows you to get some work done on the plane, you can catch up on your reading, and it offers a source of entertainment. 

Create a playlist of your favorite tunes to keep your long-haul flight interesting. Remember to purchase noise-canceling earphones too. You can also binge watch your favorite TV shows to make your long-haul flight feel shorter. 

Comforts of Home

Pack some cozy comforts of home to ease your trip. Some of these include a neck pillow, a blanket, and an eye mask. This is because very few airlines still offer these comforts. If you don’t want to pack a blanket, consider a layered jacket. 


Don’t expect free food if you are flying as an economy passenger. Most airlines simply don’t offer it anymore. Instead, pack your own food. Consider packing some sandwiches, power bars, cookies, granola, nuts, apples, and carrots. 

Wrapping Up

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Posted on Aug 21 2018

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