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4 Tips for Staying Productive on a Business Trip

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Staying productive while you’re traveling has never been easy. You have an irregular schedule, limited resources, a different diet, an offbeat internal clock, limited time for exercise, and you may even be homesick and stressed as a result, and all these factors are limiting your productivity. However, our Car Service in Westchester has some good news for you if your lifestyle involves moving around a lot for business. It is absolutely possible to stay productive while you’re on the move. Let’s have a look at some tips that will help you increase your productivity while you are traveling for business.

Planning is Everything

Without a well thought-out strategy, it is highly unlikely that we could ever achieve any of our end goals. If you intend to stay productive while you are on the road, you need to carefully put everything you need together - charge your devices, purchase a portable hotspot device, gather all necessary resources, and get enough rest. Remember: your chances of success at being productive are only as good as your plan.

Be Committed

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to stay productive while you are on the road is that, unlike the office environment, there are distractions from every direction - the baby crying in the seat behind you, the two buddies speaking a little too loud beside you, the nice old lady who tries to spark a conversation with you every 15 minutes, and many more. Despite having all these distractions around you, it is important that you remember that distractions only last five to ten minutes. If you force yourself to push past ten minutes of work you will find yourself in your ‘comfort zone’ and things will start flowing, you won’t even notice all the distracting activities going on around you anymore.

Maintain Control

As much as you will find yourself in the zone after ten minutes of pushing through work, it is equally important that you try to maintain a level of control over your environment. We have found that the easiest and most effective way to do this is to purchase a high-quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones that will shut the world away and allow you to concentrate. Now, depending on the task at hand, the type of music may be different, but that is a personal choice. So, play whatever makes you feel more focused.

Choose an Accountability Partner

This could be a colleague, a spouse, a friend, anyone as long as you both regularly check on each other to ensure that you are both staying productive. Discuss your work plan with the person you have chosen and have him/her call you at the end of the day to ensure that you are hitting your daily targets and that you are sticking to the plan and making sufficient progress. This is a fun and challenging approach to staying productive and it is bound to keep you motivated to act despite how you may be feeling in your new environment.

Traveling for business always brings new challenges. Whether you’re looking for a ride to the airport or luxury ground transportation for an important meeting or event, Harrison Car Service is driven to exceed your expectations in everything we do. Our team strives to deliver a personalized, unparalleled travel experience you’re sure to remember. With a luxurious vehicle fleet and 24/7 support, we can help you streamline your travel plans. 

Posted on Apr 03 2018

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