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3 Tips for Boosting your Corporate Image

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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Perception is Reality’? Well, this expression has never been truer than in business. Yes, we know, it’s not fair, and it may not always be accurate, but that’s just how things are, which is why it is important for businesses to guard their reputation and constantly strive to improve on it.

Being in a highly competitive service industry, you can trust that our car service in Westchester has dedicated itself to constantly improving its brand image, and in this article we are going to share some of the measures we have found to be the most effective in boosting corporate image and creating a positive reaction in the market.

Exploit Social Media

Social media has undeniably evolved to become the greatest tool for corporate imaging. Ensure that your brand has been tagged on advertisements that are posted online on various social media websites to boost brand awareness. You want your brand to be recognized alongside high-end brands, products, events, etc. that are always doing rounds online. When people see your brand amongst reputable brands there is an automatic albeit subconscious perception that your brand falls in the same caliber as these trustworthy brands

How you present yourself and who you associate yourself with on social media can boost or deteriorate your corporate image, so make sure you’re using social media wisely and improve your image daily. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the social media authorities that can help improve the perception of your brand in the world.


In today’s world, your website may be the first serious interaction potential clients have with your business and making a good first impression is mandatory. A good website will be dynamic, will contain up to date industry news, incorporate comprehensive company information, and include an interesting and relevant content blog. The website should have a simple but inviting design that draws people to learn more. A poorly designed or outdated website will put off any potential clients and give off a perception of a stale, inactive business.

Your website is a platform for new and potential clients to get to know you better and unlike person-person interactions, there is no room for changing a person’s mind once they have acquired a certain perception of you; so you’ve got to nail it the first time.


Drawing people in through social media, your website, and other means of advertisement is the first step; but soon you’ll have to put your money where your mouth is.

This means that when it comes to dealing with customers, you need to deliver high-quality and consistent experiences in all aspects of your business. This includes sales, customer support, social media interactions, PR and advertisement initiatives, etc. Remember, when it comes to providing high-quality services it is not enough to simply follow a set procedure; high-quality service extends to the tone that your employees take when interacting with customers and prospects at any level.

Consistency in service delivery is important because when people are sure of what to expect from you, they will trust you. Once you have earned that kind of trust, your reputation will spread from person to person, friend to friend, colleague to colleague, etc. Your consistency will be boosting your reputation for you.

Posted on Oct 03 2017

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