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12 Awesome Outdoor Sport Suggestions to Enjoy This Summer

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There’s plenty to love about summer, but if you’ve been itching to get out all this while, you’ll surely appreciate the freedom that warmer temperatures bring when it comes to enjoying outdoor summer sports. Even if you’re not looking to go all in, it’s still a great excuse to get out and be active. When it comes to options, the sky’s the limit, and it very much depends on your preference, be it something calmer and slower-paced or something that pushes your limits.

Water Sports

For those looking forward to hitting the beach or a local water park, summer will be your best friend. Since the weather is ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities, it’s more an issue of picking just one thing to do instead of not having an option at all. Since we’re hopping on the outdoor bandwagon, we’ve got some great water sport suggestions just for you:  


If you’ve always been keen on swimming, summer is a great time to bring that enthusiasm outdoors. After all, with such ideal weather, it’s really a shame to limit yourself to just an indoor pool. 

Suggestion: Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach


This isn’t something for the faint-hearted, and you’ll need to know how to swim in the eventual case of a wipeout, which could be pretty much be all the time at the beginning. It’s a popular summer sport, so do expect other surfing enthusiasts to hit the waves with you out there as well.

Suggestion: Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk, Lido Beach, Lincoln Boulevard, National Boulevard


Other than sailing, if your idea of a good time is skimming over the waves with the wind in your hair, windsurfing is your next best bet. It’s pretty easy to pick up, so all you’ll really need to get things going is of course, a good amount of wind. 

Suggestion: Rockaway Beach, Belmar


This sport provides the option for a calmer ride, especially if you choose a still body of water like a lake. For first timers, just concentrate on timing your paddling and directing your kayak. Once you’ve got the hang of that, the sky’s pretty much the limit.

Suggestion: South Beach, Grass River, Kunjamuk River, Black River Canyon

Land Sports

Don’t you just love the smell of the outdoors in summer? Well, so do most people, and you can bet that there will be plenty of excited shouts and laughter all around as everyone indulges in their favorite outdoor land sport. We’ve taken the liberty of listing down some of our favorites right here, so let’s see if you can spot your preferred choices:


It’s one of America’s favorite pastimes, so finding a field to play on for the summer won’t be a problem. If you’re not entirely sure how to start as a beginner, you can always hit up the batting cages first and get used to the game with a couple of rounds.

Suggestion: Manhattan Beach, John V. Lindsay East River Park, The Great Lawn, Van Cortlandt Park


For those who love team sports, this popular fast-paced one might be up your alley. It’s an official Olympic entry, but that needn’t put any pressure on your own game. After all, it’s mainly about having fun and letting your competitive spirit loose, so go for it!

Suggestion: Orchard Beach, Midland Beach, Manhattan Beach, John Jay Park


Soccer fans (or football) all over the world are familiar with the powerful emotions tied to their favorite team, and it’s definitely a fun team sport to try out. About all you’ll need is a ball and a big enough area to kick around for a start. 

Suggestion: Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Pier 40 at Hudson River Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park- Pier 5 


Bike riding doesn’t have to stop once you hit adulthood and can drive a car. It’s a great way to work out your legs, and it’s also a marvelous way to see and enjoy more of the outdoors in summer time. 

Suggestion: Central Park Full Loop, Roosevelt Island Greenway, Governors Island

Frisbee Golf

If you’ve always enjoyed frisbee, you’ll want to check out the relatively new sport of frisbee golf then. It has pretty much become a staple with more and more parks incorporating frisbee golf courses, so load up on your frisbees today!

Suggestion: Wolf Hill Disc Golf Course, Heckscher Forest Disc Golf Course, Warwick Park Disc Golf Course

Rock Climbing

One of the best things about rock climbing is the opportunity to scale great heights and enjoy the reward of a great view from high up. If that hits all the right spots for you, you might want to give this extreme sport a go this summer. 

Suggestion: Dumbo Boulders, The Shawangunks, Peterskill

Beach Volleyball

It’s pretty hard to find an unoccupied volleyball net each summer, and for good reason. Not only is it an easy sport to pick up, it’s also a great opportunity for team play and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Suggestion: Orchard Beach, Pier 25 at Hudson River Park, Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk


Rather than investing in a set of golf clubs at the start, why not give it a go on a driving range instead? If you can easily spend a few hours there, you can then venture out onto an actual golf course and ramp things up. 

Suggestion: The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, Douglaston Golf Course, Kissena Park Golf Course

Unlike the cold dreariness of winter, summer has a special warm place in most people’s hearts. It’s undoubtedly one of the best seasons for outdoor sports, and you can bet that popular spots will be filled to the brim. Rather than maneuvering your way through heavy traffic and waste time locating a car park, just leave the driving to our Westchester limo service. We’ll love for you to get the most out of your summer, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for us for a safe and comfortable ride today. Call us or book our car service in Westchester online. 

Posted on Jul 03 2019

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