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11 Amazing All-Year Round Fun Activities in New York for Everyone

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Unless you make time to have fun, you’re very likely in the category of people who are in need of some rest and relaxation. As adults, we tend to prioritize work and family above everything else, and although that’s pretty normal, we need to take some time off to care for our own well-being too. Even with advancing age, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself as long as you’re able and willing. In fact, we believe that everyone deserves to have fun, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best activities you can start off with: 

Go to a Concert 

The love for music is universal, so it’s not surprising that we derive much comfort and entertainment from it. However, it isn’t the only thing that can get us excited. There are also ballet performances, variety shows, and various other stage performances that really captivate us. It’s a great way to spend time with people of all ages, so do give this a shot.

Host a Themed Culture Night

Attending parties is all fine and dandy, but what about hosting a themed culture night of your own? Not only will it be a great educational experience for everyone, it’ll also give you the chance to call the shots when it comes to deciding on the theme, who to invite, and so on.

Hit the Amusement Park

Unless you have a heart condition or fear of heights holding you back, there’s really lots of fun to be had at your local amusement park. Sure, it might be a little crowded during the weekends, but that’s also part of the experience. However, if you’re really not into adrenaline-inducing rides, you can always opt for tamer ones or just spend your time munching on snacks and people watching.
Amusement Park Suggestions: Luna Park, Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Playland Park

What About a Scavenger Hunt?

When was the last time you found a treasure? Of course, we don’t mean real treasure, but if you have, good for you. There’s plenty of fun to be had with scavenger hunts, and rather than just looking forward to participating, you can also plan one yourself. Don’t limit yourself to just hiding objects around the house. In fact, you can involve the whole neighborhood in your scheme. If you have enough people playing, you can even divide everyone up into teams to emphasize teamwork. 

Go Ice Skating

Just imagine the wind in your hair as you whizz past everyone else. Even if you haven’t gone ice skating before or if you’re not particularly good at it, you can still have loads of fun with everyone else. It’s a great way to spend time bonding with others, and it’s also an activity that all ages can enjoy.
Ice Skating Rink Suggestions: The Rink at Rockefeller Center, Wollman Rink, World Ice Arena @ Flushing Meadows

Join a Group Fitness Class

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you join a group. Oftentimes, we can easily feel demotivated when there’s no one else to talk to or encourage us, so this is a happy and healthy solution for everyone. You don’t have to worry that there won’t be anything suitable for you since there are all types of exercises out there. If you prefer something slower, you can always consider yoga or Pilates. Otherwise, there’s also options like CrossFit training, running and even Zumba. 

Dine at a Fancy Restaurant 

Don’t keep denying your tummy. It’s truly a joy when we’re able to indulge in delicious meals that excite our palate, so you’ll best make that reservation now. Of course, we understand that the idea of bringing younger kids along does make things a little more challenging, but there are still plenty of family-friendly options to choose from.
If you’re still uncertain of which eatery to try out, you can always conduct a little research on Google with the keywords “James Beard restaurants New York”. You’ll get plenty of options to choose from, and the best thing about going online to search is that you’ll also get to read comments and reviews from people who have dined there.
Restaurant Suggestions: Estela, Frenchette, Prune, Lilia

Go on a Road Trip

Traveling doesn’t have to include getting onto a plane. In fact, one of the fastest ways to go on holiday is to take a road trip. Just take some time off, pack your bags and hit the road. To make it even more exciting, you can always set an end destination in mind and nothing else. 

Visit the Driving Range

You don’t have to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy hitting a couple of balls. It’s definitely more relaxing than going from one hole to another, and the amount of time you spend at the driving range is completely up to you. Who knows, you might even consider coming back for more once you get a taste for it. 
Driving Range Suggestions: Alley Pond Golf Center, The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, Turtle Cove Golf Center

Go for a Sporting Event

Unlike the active participation required to actually play a sport, witnessing a live sporting event is completely different. After all, it’s mainly about showing your support to the players and enjoying the moment with the rest of the crowd. Even if there aren’t any professional sporting events currently, you can always go for a high school or college game instead.

Go on a Sightseeing Tour

There’s definitely plenty to see and admire in and around New York, and one of the best ways to do it is with a guided ride tour. Although you can definitely decide to walk around on your own or use public transport, this is also another way for you to see a lot more in absolute comfort.
Our Westchester limo service is definitely familiar with some of New York’s most scenic routes, and we’ll love to share them with you. In fact, if you’ve somewhere else in mind you’ll like to visit as well, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can bring you there too. Give us a call or book our Westchester limousine service online. 

Posted on May 21 2019

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